My name is Patrizia, and for the past 10 years, I have been involved in raw vegan cuisine.

Through my work, I teach and promote this extraordinary cuisine to all those who want to discover and explore it.

Over the years, I have met many people: beginners and professionals, vegetarians and vegans, or simply food enthusiasts curious to explore new flavors. I have also encountered individuals seeking inspiration for a detox journey and those with intolerances (gluten or lactose), tired of always eating the same few things.

My professional life began many years ago in a very different field: the theater, which was my home for over twenty years.

However, food has always been very important to me. I grew up observing my father and grandmother bustling in the kitchen, exchanging few words but many precise and essential gestures, all of which were worth learning. My grandmother was a peasant, and cooking delicious and genuine food was her way of showing love.

When I discovered raw foodism many years later, I learned that preparing delicious and genuine food is a way to take care of not only others but also ourselves and our planet. It was a revolution in my life.

After working at Grezzo Raw Chocolate laboratory in Rome, the first raw vegan pastry and chocolate shop in Europe, where I happily got my hands dirty preparing marvelous desserts, ice creams, and chocolates, I wanted to deepen and refine my training. I traveled to the United States to learn firsthand about Matthew Kenney’s philosophy and gourmet raw cuisine, graduating from his prestigious Culinary Academy.

Since then, I have never stopped teaching. I have collaborated with the magazine “Cucina Naturale” for the columns “Crudo e Gourmet” (Raw and Gourmet) and “Crudo Facile e Veloce” (Easy and Quick Raw). I also provide consultancy services in the restaurant industry.

Recently, there has been another beautiful revolution in my life: the arrival of my son, Noah, my wonderful new little sous-chef, who has taught me how raw foodism is suitable for the whole family.

If you would like to know me better and learn more about my approach to this cuisine, you can watch my interview on RAI ITALIA