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This is a perfect recipe for a summer lunch, delicious yet incredibly easy to make.

It’s a clever recipe because you can use the components (cashew cream and pepper sauce) separately as well, such as a dip for crudités or on crostini. And the “parmesan” can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time and can be used to season many other dishes.
*Recipe is written in Italian, as it was published on an italian magazine 😉

If you enjoy crispy fried dishes but want to avoid frying

(because fried foods are not particularly healthy, because it’s hot, because it makes a mess in the kitchen, and so on), this recipe is magical!
Try it to believe it…
P.S. You can substitute artichokes with other vegetables when they are out of season.
*Recipe is written in Italian, as it was published on an italian magazine 😉

Fresh and nutritious peppers for a delicious and easy-to-prepare one-dish meal.

Did you know that peppers are rich in valuable antioxidants for our well-being?
Perfect for a last-minute dinner with friends or a quick and different lunch option.
*Recipe is written in Italian, as it was published on an italian magazine 😉

Can a cake be healthy and nourishing?

Try making this apple cake, which takes inspiration from the classic version but adds a special touch! It doesn’t contain refined sugars, only the natural sugars found in the fruit. The absence of baking not only benefits your health but also provides unique and surprising taste experiences.

I am very proud to have collaborated with Cucina Naturale,

a leading magazine in the field. Their almost obsessive attention to content quality has always appealed to me, first as a reader and then, to my great joy, when they invited me to collaborate as an author. Over the years, I have built a nice archive of my recipes on their website.

If these first recipes have piqued your interest, take a look at the Cucina Naturale website, where you’ll find many more delicious and easy-to-make recipes from me: click below and choose the one that inspires you the most.