Online course
with Patrizia Romeo

January 27, 2024



A new appointment with the raw food pastry shop in which I will show you step by step the basic techniques for tempering and processing RAW chocolate, creating bars and filled chocolates. Raw cocoa is a real superfood, and contains many more nutrients and antioxidants than traditionally processed cocoa. The recipes are plant-based and without cooking, to derive maximum nutritional benefit and enhance the magnificent organoleptic characteristics of raw cocoa.
Furthermore, they do not contain refined sugars, but only natural and wholemeal sweeteners.
If you want, you can make the recipes with me in your kitchen, or take notes and replicate the recipes later. By enrolling in the course you will also have access to the live recording.

– access to the live broadcast and its recording
– recipe book
– shopping list
– equipment list
– discount code for the purchase of organic raw materials (from Italian companies)
– discount code for the purchase of a dryer and its accessories.
Furthermore, after you have followed the course, you can, if you want, join a private Facebook group, dedicated exclusively to those who have already participated in my courses, to stay in touch, and/or get feedback and advice not only from me but also from “colleagues”, and to take advantage of offers reserved for former students.

The course is aimed at everyone, professionals or simple enthusiasts.

The lesson took place on January 27, 2024. If you were unable to attend, you can purchase the recording. It lasts approximately 2 hours and is a complete recording of the live session.

You can watch and review the video as many times as you like, for 12 months.

The course costs €60.

The lesson is conducted in Italian
For courses in English write to info@patriziaromeo.com


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